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Hello, my name is Olga and my brand Moonswoon has been around since 2014.

As a philosopher by education, my main aim to increase beauty in the world has taken the form of jewelry making. Moonswoon is a dedicated team that works every day to make as many people as possible happy and stylish. We create jewelry with a story to tell.

Moonswoon represents neatly crafted, classic shapes in a contemporary interpretation. Our jewelry will delicately complement your look, making it more refined and put-together. We like to think of Moonswoon as "third-wave jewelry" - where beauty and meaning are intertwined, the concept is presented in a simple form, and the jewelry becomes a conversation starter.


One of the key values of Moonswoon is production ethics.

We strive for minimal waste in production and packaging, a socially responsible stance, and a compassionate attitude towards our community. We work outside of seasons, but if inventory accumulates with models that no longer seem relevant to us, we can always repurpose the silver into new jewelry.

This allows us to maintain the brand's sustainable development vector and ecological production methods.

Every order comes with complete packaging: we don't differentiate between "standard" and "gift" packaging, because jewelry is always a gift! We believe that jewelry packaging should be stylish, but not so beautiful that it's painful to throw away: our paper, box, and card can be easily flattened and recycled.

We use Colorplan paper for packaging production, which meets all current ethical standards for nature conservation (bleaching, forest preservation, etc.). Our fabric jewelry pouches are custom-made. We select the fabric ourselves and ensure that fair labor standards and wages are followed in the production process.

We create jewelry as a form of self-expression and always welcome interesting styles and variations. Most of our products are suitable for men (and actively chosen by them!).


We're proud to be part of a new community where people can look the way they feel, bringing their outer and inner selves into harmony.

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