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  • Silver is a "delicate" metal: it easily scratches, deforms, and oxidizes. Proper care and handling will help keep your jewelry shining and attractive.

  • Gold plating is temporary coating. The more the plated surface is exposed to friction and liquids, the faster it will lose its color. Proper wearing will keep the coating with you for a long time.

  • The minerals we use are naturally fragile and should be worn with care, like cashmere or silk.

  • Crystal is a delicate material that requires careful handling. Crystal products should be protected from strong impacts, not dropped, and given a "break."

  • Artificial inserts are practical to wear and do not require special attention. However, materials are also prone to "injury" without proper attention.


  • Remove jewelry before washing hands, taking a bath/shower, and engaging in physical activities

  • hold chemicals, etc.Avoid contact with cosmetics/perfumes/house

  • Avoid contact with seawater

  • Avoid applying pressure to delicate jewelry details

  • Avoid sharp temperature changes, impacts, and prolonged exposure to bright sunlight

  • Clean jewelry with specialized cloths and products

  • Store each piece of jewelry separately (in our cloth bags)


Answers to some questions:

How to Clean Silver Jewelry?

At home: gently wipe the metal with a soft cloth and toothpaste without particles, then carefully remove any remaining toothpaste with alcohol.
You can also purchase a special cleaning cloth and liquid specifically for cleaning silver jewelry.

The plating is worn off, what to do?

Plating is a thin layer applied over silver. Like any coating, it is prone to wear and tear.
Good news! Plating can be restored at any jewelry store or by us.

How to restore lost shine on a silver jewelry piece?

Silver is a soft metal that is prone to forming micro scratches which reduce its shine.
Try cleaning the metal as described above first. If the shine does not return to the desired level, take the piece to a professional polishing at a nearby jewelry shop or bring it to us.

The jewelry has not just darkened, but has brown spots. Are you sure you sell silver?

All of our jewelry pieces have a state standard assay mark (925) stamped or laser-inscribed. This confirms the authenticity and purity of the metal.
It's important to know that 75 parts out of 1000 are other metal alloys added for increased strength. This could be copper, palladium, nickel, and other metals, which all react differently to contact with air, cosmetic products, and natural skin secretions (especially if you've been sweating and left the jewelry in its box for a long time).
Getting rid of such spots is very easy, please refer to the instructions above.

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