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How to determine the size?

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Method 1. The size of a ring is its inner diameter (excluding the thickness of the metal) in millimeters.
This size can be determined at any jewelry store, which is the most accurate method.

Method 2. Ring size can be determined by measuring an existing ring. You'll need a ring from the finger you plan on purchasing a new piece of jewelry for. Place the ring on a piece of paper and trace its inner circumference. Measure the diameter of the resulting circle with a ruler, this will be the ring size. For example, if the diameter of the circle is 17.2mm, then it's a size 17 ring.


Method 3. Measuring Finger Size

Take a thin strip of paper or thread.
Wrap it around the base of the finger you plan to wear the jewelry on, closer to the joint. Make sure the paper or thread can slide smoothly over the finger.
Mark where the ends of the paper or thread meet with a pen. Then cut the homemade ring at the mark.
Measure the length of the segment in mm with a ruler and divide the result by Pi (3.14). You're done!
Note: Make sure to measure the finger on which you plan to wear the jewelry.
For example, the length of the paper strip is 53 mm. Dividing this number by 3.14, you get 16.88 - this is a size 17.


The size of a bracelet is its length in centimeters. To determine the size of the bracelet, measure the circumference of your wrist in the widest part using a measuring tape (in centimeters). Make sure the tape is not too tight or too loose. Add 1-2 cm to the measured value. For example, if the wrist circumference measures 14.5 cm, adding 1.5 cm to it would result in a bracelet size of 16.

If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a strip of paper, thread, string, or ribbon:

1. Wrap the strip of paper or thread around the widest part of your wrist to make a makeshift bracelet that is comfortable to wear (not too tight or too loose).
2. Mark or cut the strip at the appropriate place.
3. Measure the resulting segment with a ruler. Add 1-2 cm to this value. You're done!

You can determine the size of an ankle bracelet (anklet) in the same way, by measuring the circumference of your ankle.

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Chains and necklaces

Chain and necklace sizes refer to their length in centimeters.

Moonswoon offers necklaces and chains ranging from 32 cm to 60 cm in length, depending on the model. You can find information on the length of each product in its product card.

To understand how a chain or necklace will look on you in terms of length, you will need a centimeter measuring tape. Wrap it around your neck to determine the length that corresponds to the size of the chain.
If you don't have a centimeter measuring tape, you can use a string, ribbon, or tape. Wrap it around your neck and connect the ends at the length that corresponds to the size of the chain or necklace.


The following descriptions may help you determine the size:
A 35 cm long piece of jewelry will fit snugly around your neck. This is typically a choker.
A 40 cm necklace will lie on the base of your neck.
A 50 cm chain will rest slightly below your collarbone.
And a 60 cm piece of jewelry will rest on your décolletage line.
For men, a 40 cm chain will feel like a choker, a 50 cm chain will lie comfortably on the base of the neck, and a 60 cm chain will end above the chest.

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