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"Black Forget-Me-Not" Pendant Necklace (Gold Plated)

"Black Forget-Me-Not" Pendant Necklace (Gold Plated)

SKU: msN_chain_G; msP_fgmn_BL

The " BlackForget-me-not" PendantNecklace in Gold is a continuation of the summer collection "Forget-me-not", a winter version of the flowers. White, blue, and pink forget-me-nots have been replaced by black, like the weather outside: dark, cozy days have replaced the bright summer sun and the abundance of colors.

The chain can be adjusted in length to any link.

The pendant can be removed, and you can wear it on a bracelet or wear the chain separately.

Material: 925 Silver

Coating: Gold Plating

Insert: Polymer Enamel

Pendant Diameter: 12 mm

Chain Length: 60 cm

Average Weight: 7.42 g

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