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"Forget-Me-Not" Pendant (Gold Plated)

"Forget-Me-Not" Pendant (Gold Plated)

SKU: msP_Flower_G

Elegant "Forget-me-not" pendant is plated with gold from the "Forget-me-not" collection, dedicated to the feeling of lightness, joy, and simple happiness from observing beauty.

Its smooth, mirrored surface captures and reflects light beautifully.

Wear this pendant with your favorite chain or on hoop earrings.

We love how it looks on a chunky chain—clasp it in a loop for a cool, stylish look. For a lighter, airier look, choose a twisted chain or thin links. Round links in a chain add a touch of organic harmony to the forget-me-not shape.

Material: Silver 925

Plating: Gold

Diameter: 12 mm

Average weight: 1.46 g

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