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"Forget-Me-Not With Mother-Of-Pearl" Pendant Single Hoop Earring

"Forget-Me-Not With Mother-Of-Pearl" Pendant Single Hoop Earring

SKU: msP_flower_nacre, msE_ring

Forget-me-not mono-earring with mother-of-pearl is a magical version of a flower.
At one angle, the mineral is cloudy, like the sky before a thunderstorm. Under the other - emits a bright rainbow light.
The pendant is removed. You can wear the earring separately. And hang a forget-me-not on a ball bracelet or a chain - the radiance of mother-of-pearl looks even brighter in combination with the shiny edges of the links.

The product uses a natural mineral, which has a unique shade. Therefore, it may differ from the one shown in the photo.

Material: Silver 925

Plating: Rhodium

Insert: Mother of pearl

Ring diameter: 15mm

Pendant Diameter: 15mm

Average weight: 4.03g

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