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"Lapis Lazuli Planet" Pendant

"Lapis Lazuli Planet" Pendant

SKU: msP_planet_Laz

Bright pendant on a hoop earring or a chain made of dark-blue lapis lazuli with golden and white accents. Each bead is a personal small planet Earth with continents, oceans, deserts, and glaciers. It will help remind yourself (and others) that we are all inhabitants of one planet, passengers on one ship.

The pendant uses a natural mineral that has natural imperfections and a unique shade, so it may differ from what is shown in the photo.

Wear as a pair or as a single hoop earring.

For a more interesting look, wear several pendants together on one earring (for example, a lazurite planet and a white heart) or combine different pendants on the left and right ears.

Also, the pendant will match any favorite chain. We like how the bead is combined with round links of the rolo chain.

Material: Lapis Lazuli, 925 sterling silver
Diameter: 10mm
Average weight: 1.98g

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