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"Malachite Planet" Necklace

"Malachite Planet" Necklace

SKU: msN_chain_rollo; msN_planet_Mal

A pendant necklace made of natural malachite. The intricate patterns make each bead unique, with straight lines transitioning smoothly into wavy designs and the deep dark green shade complementing a soft salad green color.
The matte surface allows for the jewelry to easily integrate into any outfit without being too heavy or over the top.

We like how the shape of the pendant combines with the circular links of the chain. The length is also adjustable by clasping the chain at any link.

The pendant features a natural mineral with natural irregularities and a unique shade, which may vary from the photo.

The pendant is removable, so you can wear it on earrings or wear the chain separately.

Material: 925 Silver

Insert: Malachite

Coating: Rhodium

Planet diameter: 10 mm

Chain length: 50 cm

Average weight: 4.2 g

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