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"Red Heart and Malachite Planet" Pendants Single Hoop Earring

"Red Heart and Malachite Planet" Pendants Single Hoop Earring

A contrasting and bright single earring with pendants - a red heart and a malachite planet.

Intricate patterns of malachite make each bead unique: straight lines smoothly turn into wavy ones, deep dark green color organically complements a delicate shade of light green. The enamel of the heart pendant is of perfect red hue that emphasizes the beauty of the mineral.

This set will tell about your love for your homeland, nature, or unusual combinations.

The pendant features a natural mineral with natural irregularities and a unique shade. Therefore, it may differ from what is shown in the photo.

The pendants are detachable. The earring hoop can be worn separately. And the pendants can be combined with others, worn separately or on a chain. We like how the bead and heart look with round links of a rollo chain.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Insert: Malachite

Insert: Polymer enamel

Planet Diameter: 10mm

Heart Diameter: 12mm

Ring Diameter: 15mm

Average weight: 4.62g

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