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Seed Necklace

Seed Necklace

SKU: msN_seed

In our culture, the "seed" symbolizes brilliant intellectual action—the clicking sound that inevitably accompanies important mental processes: gossip, discussions of world problems, or solving complex tasks.

At the same time, "seed" is a symbol of fertile land, hard work, and a rich harvest. It is an inseparable feeling of being connected to the grand and great.

Finally, the seed is a symbol of life, the birth of a plant from a grain, communication between people in all levels of society.

But for us, the seed, above all, symbolizes uncontrolled consumption, in which the modern person finds himself. Fashion, seasonality, novelties, magazines, advertising, recommendations. Everything that was important today will seem outdated tomorrow: diamonds of an outdated cut, chains of outdated weaving, extravagance, minimalism, pearls, glass, synthetic materials.

What was there in the morning, is already a matter of history. The bright tomorrow shines brighter.
Run faster.

The chain is adjustable in length.

Material: Silver 925
Coating:Black Rhodium
Insert: No
Chain length: 60 cm
Average weight: 3.13g

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