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T-shirt "Ural Spine" (Black)

T-shirt "Ural Spine" (Black)

SKU: msT_ural_BL

A mountain range running along the spine. The supporting region of the state. We made this T-shirt as a sign of love for the place where we live, work, love and develop.
The main peaks are indicated by names and on the image they are in the real ratio of heights, in the place of Yekaterinburg - moonswoon.

* there are exactly 66 stripes on the print in honor of the “66th region” of the country.

** the image is not only and not so much an homage to the cover of the "Unknown pleasures" album, but a direct quote from the graphs of the first discovered pulsar (a space object capable of emitting radio signals)

This is a cool quality T-shirt made of thick cotton with a durable print and a small branded tag.

We are proud of it (in every way))

Material: Cotton

Size: One Size

Length: 73 cm

Width: 53 cm

Sleeve length from the neck: 39 cm

Printing: Silkscreen

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