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"White Heart and Lapis Lazuli Planet" Necklace Set

"White Heart and Lapis Lazuli Planet" Necklace Set

The necklace with a white heart and a lapis lazuli planet is a bright and harmonious combination. Each bead is a personal little Earth planet with continents, oceans, deserts, and glaciers. Combined with the white heart, echoing with splashes of lapis lazuli, delicately tells of love for the world.

The rolo chain is adjustable in length at any link.

The pendant uses natural mineral, which has natural irregularities and unique hue. Therefore, it may differ from the one shown in the photo.

The pendants are removable. The chain can be worn separately and the pendants can be combined with others, worn separately, or on earrings-hoop.

Material: 925 Silver

Insert: Lapis Lazuli

Insert: Polymer Enamel

Coating: Rhodium

Bead diameter: 10mm

Heart diameter: 12mm

Chain length: 50cm

Average weight: 11.1g

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